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How does LUCON Property differ from other building companies?

LUCON Property is a family run business. We pride ourselves in constructing developments that reflect the quality and standards we would expect. Our service caters to first time developers right through to the more seasoned developers. Whilst we have a standard inclusions list, every development is different and therefore will require a unique inclusions list with details that satisfy the owners requests.

Does LUCON Property import any building products?

We do not import any fixtures, fittings, or any building products. We have strong affiliations with local companies in order to provide the best warranty and service during and post construction.

Will local trades be used?

Yes all our trades people are local. They have a high standard that is required when working at LUCON Property and therefore provide quality workmanship on all development sites regardless of the size or detail required in the development.

What contract does LUCON Property use?

LUCON Property is long serving member of the Master Builders Association (MBA) and therefore use a MBA New Homes Contract. All contracts are written with the very latest legislation and can be sent online.

How quickly after contract signing will the construction start?

Providing demolition has occurred and a building permit has been issued we will be ready to start within 4 weeks of signing the contract and deposit paid.

What is a Building permit?

A building permit ensures that the working drawings and engineering documentation complies with the relevant and up to date building regulations. This document is approved by a registered building surveyor and is required to be obtained prior to any construction works commencing on site.

Can LUCON Property assist with the demolition and building permit application?

We have long standing relationships with many professionals in the demolition and building surveying field and will be most accommodating in managing this process. We will always keep the owner updated with the progression of the process.

Are we able to visit the building site throughout the construction?

Access to the site is available via scheduled appointments only.

How long will you take to complete my development?

Commonly, the construction period for a custom double storey home or a standard 4-6 unit site is approximately 9. The duration can vary from the specifics of the development and the site conditions and slope. For larger unit development and challenging sites, this period of construction can extend to 12 – 18 months.

Can you provide references?

We have built for a vast range of clients who are happy to discuss their experiences with you. Contact us with your request and we will be sure to provide you with the required information. Be sure to read the testimonials.